AGM 2019



To be held at 6:30pm until 7:45pm this Thursday, the 24th October at our neighbours, the Torquay Athletic Rugby Football Club, Torquay Recreation Ground on the sea front.

(Parking is free).

Dear members,

If you have not attended one of our meetings before, or maybe missed a few in the last year or two, I would like to emphasise that this one will be a very important one, at which we need your input and direction as to how we best continue to fulfil our ongoing remit (To promote good governance and seek to ensure the long-term sustainability of our club for the benefit of current and future supporters and the wider community).

Your board of volunteers have been busy. There are decisions to be directed and motions to be discussed and voted upon by you, our members. I would encourage every member who lives near enough, to please make every effort to attend this important meeting. (Of course we will understand that those living in such far off places as Australia, the USA, Canada, S.Africa, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Norway and our many exiles around the UK may find this too huge an ask!)

Refreshments will be provided, the bar will be open and,for those who wish to stay and chat with the board, we are holding an informal social afterwards with a game of skittles for those who wish to participate.

…....TUST needs you on Thursday to help us to continue to support our club, TUFC, in the best ways we possibly can.......

Yours sincerely, and passionately,

Michel Thomas



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