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Dear members, I would like to thank everyone for your ongoing support of TUST, in the work that we do on behalf of you towards the well-being of our club and its supporter community. We have not only maintained our significantly sized membership over the last few difficult years but have also welcomed a number of new members to our fold.

With ongoing and increasing personal family commitments, due to my wife’s health, I informed the TUST board several months ago of my desire to stand down as chair, possibly at this year’s AGM, if a suitable replacement were to come forward. The role of chair has been fulfilling, enabling me to put something back for the 54 years I have enjoyed supporting and being part of our beloved club. However, this commitment has also entailed much ongoing work in the background, often with challenges and difficulties for all of the TUST board, as well as the many positive achievements and friends made during my time as chair.

I am very pleased to say that it has not taken too long, after some recent formal discussion, for the board to arrive at a unanimous decision to elect Nick Brodrick to succeed me as the new TUST chair. It is planned that he will officially ‘take office’ after next month’s AGM. Meanwhile, I will be continuing to support TUST, and Nick as the incoming chair, however I am able to do so, both now and in the future.

I thank Nick for thoughtfully committing to putting himself forward for this position and also the TUST board, who all continue to work selflessly as a strong and committed team, bringing many different professional skills to the table. I assure you that they continue to be busy on behalf of our club, its supporters and community.  A summary of recent activities can be read in the following newsletter.

Finally, let’s hope for stability within the club, an upturn soon in the Gulls’ fortunes in the league and some more success in the cup.

Keep well, safe and happy

Best wishes,

Michel Thomas



This is advance notice that TUST’s AGM will be held on Thursday 24th November 2022 at 6.30pmat Torquay Athletic Rugby Football Club.  There will be an option to join virtually via Zoom for those who cannot attend in person.

This is an opportunity for you to hear what the Trust has been doing on your behalf and to have your say.  It will also be your opportunity to hear from our new Chair, Nick Brodrick.

More details for members to follow shortly. 


We will be conducting our first survey of members’ views on TUST and the matchday experience over the next few weeks and reporting the results at the AGM and in a newsletter afterwards.

Watch out for details of how to complete the survey in the next few days and please take the time to let us know your thoughts.  


TUST continues to support community focused projects including the Torquay United Community Sports Trust’s Junior Disability Leagues and sponsorship of the Women’s team for this season.  

We have also recently met with a representative of Step One, a local mental health charity, and we are supporting them in setting up ‘Walk and Talk Football’ sessions.

TUST continues to support the Independent Fan Led Review and works to promote the adoption of its recommendations, particularly the proposal for an independent regulator for football.  With this in mind, our vice-chair, Robin Causley, and board member Bob Cole recently met with Kevin Foster MP when he was able to confirm his continued support for the government’s white paper. 

Last week, TUST was represented (by Michel Thomas) at the Football Supporters Association (FSA) National Non-League network meeting.  Various current issues were discussed including the progress of legislation for the Independent Fan Led Review recommendations; the  'TV 3pm. black-out' relating to the new EFL proposal; the pros and cons of streaming of matches in general at Non-League club level; the new FA pyramid structure and FA Non-league Club ground grading system. 

The FSA reported that it has kept in regular contact with the government and Tracey Crouch MP. In the last week or so, Tracey confirmed to the FSA that the final IFLR white paper on football governance was now in the process of being completed. Furthermore, that the delay in progress had not been due to a lack of ongoing government cross-party support, but due to a backlog of work within the government's civil service sector in the last few months. It was hoped to have it ready soon.

 We encourage you to keep lobbying your local MPs around the country to support the adoption of the IFLR recommendations. Recently, TUST wrote letters to our three local, South Devon MPs, receiving a positive response from two. 

The South-West Supporters' Trust, now consisting of not only the three original Devon clubs but also trusts from Bristol City, Hereford FC, Swindon Town and Yeovil Town, met earlier this month, discussing topics such as live streaming, early kick-offs and the fan-led review. The group still remains the only one of its type in the UK. 

Three of our board members attended the recent unveiling of the Jack Leslie statue at Home Park, Plymouth.  TUST had made a contribution towards the cost of this memorial and our representatives were warmly welcomed by the Argyle ‘family’. 

Our Strategy Team meets regularly to monitor off-the-field developments at our Club and to ensure that TUST is as prepared as possible for any change in ownership or circumstances, including a crisis situation should one arise. 

 AND FINALLY….. If you have not seen it already, you may enjoy this article by Paul Breen, a Charlton Athletic supporter and also a TUST member;  Football's Fawlty Towers and the fight to save 'small' clubs | CAS Trust       




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