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We would firstly like to send our sincere congratulations to all at Torquay United FC on the winning of the NL South championship. Our thanks extend to Clarke Osborne for appointing Gary Johnson and his staff, who have transformed the club on the field.

Since his arrival, GJ and his tight knit dedicated team have provided us with exciting and entertaining football, also bringing total commitment and the resulting deserved success.

Furthermore, they have developed a close affinity with us, the supporters.

It would be remiss not to also applaud the undying loyalty and passionate support of the fans. The attendances, particularly at away matches, have been outstanding. Recent gates illustrate how much the 'Torquay United community', both local supporters and those exiles whose life has moved them much further afield, values having their own local football club to enjoy meeting together to watch.

A huge well done to everyone from all of us!


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