Torquay United Supporters Trust is a democratic not-for-profit organisation designed simply to ensure the long term sustainability of Torquay United Football club. We exist to develop and strengthen the relationship between the football club and the community, both within South Devon and further afield - representing the voices of Torquay United supporters, wherever they may find themselves.

TUST is a democracy, and we're proud of that - every single member is as a valued as the next. A membership with TUST entitles you to a position of equal power, where collectively we vote on the direction the TUST is best suited to take. 

If you’re asking yourself “what can a supporters trust realistically achieve?” - we ask you to think whether Torquay United is as good as it can be, for the people who rely on it the most. We're a force for change and we strive positively to put fans in a position to work constructively with their club, ensuring a sustainable and moral entity we can all enjoy supporting.

Our Mission Statement is as Follows:

TUST promotes good governance and seeks to ensure the long-term sustainability of our club for the benefit of current and future supporters and the wider community.

Here is a Link to Our up to Date Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of TUST?

REPRESENTING SUPPORTERS: Being the democratic and representative voice of supporters and strengthening the bonds between the Club and the communities which it serves. PROMOTING SUPPORTER INFLUENCE: Achieving the greatest possible
supporter and community influence in the running and ownership of the Club.
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Promoting responsible and constructive community engagement and encouraging the Club to do the same. GOOD GOVERNANCE: Operating democratically, fairly, sustainably, transparently
and with financial responsibility and encouraging the Club to do the same.
BEING INCLUSIVE: Being a positive, inclusive and representative organisation,
open and accessible to all supporters of the Club regardless of their age, income,
location, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality or religious or moral beliefs.

Does TUST work with bodies existing outside the football club?

Yes, sustainable football works best when the football community comes together. This is being currently accomplished through regular liaison with, and full membership of, our national supporters organisations, The Football Supporters' Association (FSA); with the Premier League Fans' Trust; with our MP and councillors; with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APGG) for football supporters and, last but not least, with other football supporters trusts and groups. Many visiting trusts have agreed to meet up for a chat during our fixtures both home and away, this gives us a chance to swap stories and views.

Does TUST support private ownership?

The objective of TUST is simply to ensure the long term sustainability of Torquay United Football club. TUST is not concerned whether this means ownership of the club in a private capacity or through a community ownership model. The key is about ensuring the ownership motives and long term plans are in the best interests of the football club. In the event of private ownership as is the case now, we see our role as being the voice of our members, a force for change (where appropriate) and the critical friend of the club. We are independent from the club and therefore have no conflict of interest. We wish to work with the club at all levels in ensuring our long term objective is being met. Constructive dialogue is our preferred method of communication, but it is important that we represents the views of our members.

What is a simple summary of TUST's strategy?

We want long term sustainability and good governance for our football club so that we and our successors can enjoy supporting it for generations to come. It is that simple.