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TUST supports Torquay United fans and represents their views.

TUST Supports private ownership. It does NOT want to take over and run the club.

However TUST is always there in case the worst should happen.

Our Mission Statement is as Follows:

TUST promotes good governance and seeks to ensure the long-term sustainability of our club for the benefit of current and future supporters and the wider community.


Torquay United Supporters Trust is a democratic not-for-profit organisation designed simply to ensure the long term sustainability of Torquay United Football club. We exist to develop and strengthen the relationship between the football club and the community, both within South Devon and further afield - representing the voices of Torquay United supporters, wherever they may find themselves.

TUST is a democracy, and we're proud of that - every single member is as a valued as the next. A membership with TUST entitles you to a position of equal power, where collectively we vote on the direction the TUST is best suited to take. 

If you’re asking yourself “what can a supporters trust realistically achieve?” - we ask you to think whether Torquay United is as good as it can be, for the people who rely on it the most. We're a force for change and we strive positively to put fans in a position to work constructively with their club, ensuring a sustainable and moral entity we can all enjoy supporting.

Here is a Link to Our up to Date Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan

Please also find links below to our policies:

Board Membership Policy

Code of Conduct

Equality & Diversity Policy

Mission statement & objectives

Social media Policy

Standing Orders for General Meetings

TUST rules

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