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The TUST board have written the following letter to our three local MPs and have arranged a meeting with Kevin Foster

We are writing to you on behalf of the Torquay United Supporters’ Trust.

As many of our supporter base are drawn from your constituency, we wanted to contact you to urge you to support two significant recent developments:

Firstly, we ask you to give your full and complete backing to the proposed Fan-Led Review as announced by the Rt. Hon. Oliver Dowden, MP on April 19 2021 - the review formed part of the manifesto you campaigned for election on in December 2019.

Secondly, we urge you to support Early Day Motion 1765 raised on April 22 2021 by Ian Mearns, MP, setting a framework which we, as fans, feel is crucial to shaping the Fan-Led Review.

Reform in football is long overdue and desperately needed throughout the football pyramid and the recent plan for a European Super League has highlighted this need.

Torquay United, like all football clubs, plays a vital role in our community and it is the fans in this community who should be able to play a part in how the club is run - this feeling is felt by all fans of every club across the country.

For without fans, football is nothing.

We hope that under Tracey Crouch’s leadership this Fan-Led Review will lead to significant and lasting change in the way football is run, with the introduction of an independent regulator and with fans at the heart of any future governance.

Whilst a good number of supporters’ trusts have an excellent working relationship with their club’s ownership, sadly this is not the case for many others and TUST falls into this category, having, at best, a very “at arms’ length” relationship with Plainmoor’s current owner.

Football clubs should embrace the communities that they represent - the same communities you represent.

Football belongs to the fans.

Your support to get behind the Fan-Led Review and EDM 1765 would be gratefully appreciated.


The Football Supporters' Association have today welcomed TUST's offer to contribute to the fan-led review.


Your opportunity to discuss the review and other matters affecting our club and the wider footballing world. Details to follow - save the date!


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