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Important News! Kevin Foster meets Clarke Osborne & TUST invited to parliamentary led discussion!

Hi Everyone,

Kevin Foster has released a Piece on his website which gives an update about his meeting With Clarke Osborne (the article can be seen Here with an additional link below). This meeting is significantly good news for TUST, and justifies the ongoing liaison we have maintained, and information we have shared, with Kevin Foster and the council over the last year. As well as, the detailed research many members and supporters have put in and provided us and the council with in our cause for concern. And for that we thank you very much for your very important and always welcome input.

It is clear that there is still a long way to go in ensuring that Torquay United have a successful, secure and sustainable future, whichever way this is best achieved. 

I am thankful that our MP and the councillors of both main parties have taken such an interest in this. Also, in the knowledge that a number of them are themselves supporters or friends of our football club. It seems that they are agreed that any detailed business plan for a new arena must centre around the part that Plainmoor and the long term future of TUFC play in it.

Am looking forward to meeting Kevin again on Monday for a debrief. We have just been invited to attend an informal parliamentary led discussion on 'who runs football?' It will be aimed at considering the government's, the FA's and EFL's role in the governance of football clubs and ownership around the country.

Only 50 people will attend, including MPs of clubs that have experienced difficulties. We, TUST and our MP have been invited, one of only three non league clubs!

I will give you more details after our meeting with Kevin on Monday.

Cheers, Michel

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