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Important Statement Regarding recent events at Torquay United.

"As supporters of the club, the TUST board recognise and share the concerns of the wider fan base as to the start to the season and importantly the general abject level of performances seen culminating in what we consider to be one of the poorest ever witnessed at Plainmoor on Saturday. Whilst the owner and the management team cannot fail to realise the position, we will be raising concerns on behalf of our members and would expect action to be taken to alleviate the alarming position we find ourselves in.

Many of our membership are distraught at the direction the club is going, and are asking questions of the club about the 5 year plan and whether remaining in The National League South affects said plan?

The club are evidently now at risk of losing a further significant amount of support if the owner does not react appropriately to their overwhelming amount of concerns in a number of areas in our Club.

We would like to add that the alleged unsavoury incidents that took place during todays game against Gloucester are appalling. We urge any fans that have a point to make, or a protest to carry out have every right to do so but in a Respectful and Grown Up manner!”

Many Thanks


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