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January Newsletter

Chairman's Comments

Welcome to our monthly Newsletter.  On this occasion I will be writing with my own thoughts next week but in the meantime here is a summary of this month's board meeting.  As always, we would welcome any feedback via our e-mail at Michel Thomas COYY

January board meeting - summary minutes

Relationship with the Club - Football Supporters’ Association (FSA)  Andy Walsh of the FSA had met with directors of the Club on 9th January with a view to brokering a better relationship between them and TUST.  He had subsequently provided feedback to the board and had written again to George Edwards.  As we write this at the end of the month he is still waiting for a reply.  The TUST board re-iterated its desire to work positively with everyone at the Club to promote our common interests. Walsh had been keen that TUST should promote the work of its members to improve disabled facilities at Plainmoor and said this aligned with the FSA’s Disability Charter.  There was the possibility that the FSA could provide some funding for such initiatives. He had also encouraged TUST’s policy of liaising with the trusts and other supporter bodies from visiting and other clubs.  The FSA were particularly interested in the potential Devon / SW Region trust group. It had been requested through Andy Walsh that all future concerns of fans about organisational matters should be referred to the Club through Dominic Mee, the appointed Media and Supporter Liaison Co-ordinator.  Concern was expressed about his low profile as he is not seen around the ground on match days and he is not listed among other staff on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the TUFC website so there is no e-mail address for him.  Proposed TUFC Supporters Club There is still no news on the proposal first launched in September although Andy Walsh had been advised that an announcement would be made shortly. TUST brochure distribution It was noted that TUST board members distributing the new brochure outside the ground at the game on New Years Day were told to move on by stewards and the police, apparently at the request of Club directors.  Despite this approximately 1,000 brochures had been handed out and favourably received. Subsequent enquiries had established that no licence was required for distributing such material in this location and a discussion with the police and the Safety Advisory Group had confirmed that they had no concerns about TUST’s actions or right to do so. Asset of Community Value (ACV) - Plainmoor As previously reported, the current ACV expires on 31st March and the importance of renewing it had been previously agreed.  The Secretary advised on the history of the previous application and subsequent revelation that it applied to the Club’s leasehold rather than the Council’s freehold.  He referred in particular to the very helpful legal advice on the matter obtained in 2017.  This had concluded that, whilst the Council’s interpretation of the effect of the ACV was correct, it would still be of strategic value.  It may apply in the event of the Club acquiring the freehold of Plainmoor and subsequently wishing to dispose of it to a third party (eg: for development).

Business networking It was reported that TUFC had joined Your Partnership (Torbay and Teignbridge) business networking group and arranged a joint breakfast meeting at Plainmoor on 12th February.  As TUST is an existing member of YP, it had received an invitation to attend.  However, it has received a message from the Club saying that despite this, if TUST representatives attend they will not be permitted to promote TUST, only their own businesses. Quarterly report The Treasurer and Membership Secretary advised that the current account stood at £2,226 and the savings account at approximately £40,000. Membership had increased to 379 with a number of new members joining since the New Year, possibly in response to the brochure. There was some discussion about possible initiatives for increasing awareness and membership in the wider community such as through schools.  Experiences of other trusts would be considered.

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