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Following a growing number of incidents being reported over the club’s new ticketing arrangements, particularly the ‘one hour before kick-off’ deadline, TUST has issued the following statement.

‘Whilst the current situation regarding the poor start to the season on the pitch is something none of us who care about Torquay United can affect, there are issues off it that we at TUST are concerned about.

We are working hard behind the scenes to find a solution.

We agree with the increasing posts on the three Torquay forums and social media that ‘Ticketgate’ is totally unacceptable.

TUST, you will recall, wrote to the clubs’ directors over a month ago to ask that the new ticketing policy be reviewed receiving a lengthy response.

Without now going into detail, at this point for reasons of confidentiality, we can confirm that TUST, on behalf of all United fans, is working pro-actively, in conjunction with a number of involved groups, to ensure no supporter, casual visitor or family is turned away from entry into Plainmoor in the future.

Whilst nothing can be guaranteed TUST is on the case.’

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