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TUST Meeting Minutes - 03/02/18

TUST Meeting Minutes 3rd February 2018

Board Members Present

Michel Thomas (MT) - Chairman

Matt Gorman (MG) - Treasurer

Robin Causley (RC) - Vice Chairman

Alison Bryant (AB) - Communications


It was agreed that we should continue pressing Mr Osborne for more clarity and transparency, re: the short term and long term future of the club. It was noted the ongoing meetings were successful, for example the recent successful application for the grant from PLFT. Also, the furtherance of the memorial project for Ian Twitchin. It was also confirmed that at this point we could not use any of our funds towards the porta cabin project at Seale Hayne.

SGM Meeting (Feedback)

Although the attendance was slightly disappointing, the exercise was a success, in that, we received a lot of feedback and useful ideas. AB and MT agreed to look through the feedback forms and vet the potential volunteers. It was agreed that we are looking for leaders in marketing and IT, as our primary objectives.

Chris Fleet

Discussion of the role and benefits of co-opting Chris Fleet on to the board in a marketing role. MG nominated, RC seconded, all in favour.

MT to contact Chris Fleet and send out newsletter to our members on his agreement.

Rob Burkitt

MT to meet Rob Burkitt on Tuesday to discuss role of IT and Social Media management for the TUST. AB and MT to liaise and co-opt Rob Burkitt on to board. RC and MG happy for MT and AB to make final decision, on his role.

Clarification of Action Plan

On debriefing, re: the AGM, it was agreed that the immediate action plan should include:-

1) Building on membership to improve our standing in the local community and to outreach to our existing members through social events

2) To continue to lobby for the prevention of the sale of the freehold of Plainmoor at this point

3) To improve our communications via social media marketing, ie facebook, twitter. Also to improve the information on our website

4) To engage with the local community, re: the value of TUFC

5) To continue to press for more direct engagement with Clarke Osborne in order to clarify his intentions

Ratification of purchasing process

MG will construct an agreement for board members to sign to enable him to make small purchases on behalf more easily via the TUST debit card.



Meeting closed at 2.10pm

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