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TUST Meeting Minutes 18th April 2018

Board Members Present

Michel Thomas (MT) - Chairman

Matt Gorman (MG) - Treasurer

Robin Causley (RC) - Vice Chairman

Alison Bryant (AB) - Communications

Chris Fleet (CF) - Marketing

Rick Williams (RW) - Secretary

Adoption of the minutes for the meeting on 27th February, 2018


Rick Williams

Rick Williams is co-opted on to the board as society secretary. AB proposed, RC seconded. Al in favour. SD and FCA will be informed.

Proposed Meeting with Clarke Osborne

MT will email CO this week. If no reply, he will ring him on Friday to try to organise a face to face meeting. All in favour.


To be arranged between May 9th, 10th, 11th, or 16th.

Marketing Group

Chris Fleet has organised the first meeting with the marketing volunteers group who include Sam Druiff, James Murphy, Rob Burkitt, Steve Harris and Dave Harding.

Digital Team

Social media policy formally adopted, RC proposed, CF seconded. All in favour.

Luke Hunter to discuss with Slim Design regarding domain address for website. New website to be launched with agreement to start publishing TUST board meeting minutes.

Peninsula Business Seminar

AB and MG to attend,

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

RW and MG to meet and discuss.

TUST - Community and Unity

TUST have short term plans towards community and unity underway and are aware a long term plan needs to be established. Supporters Direct have been contacted by MT and stand ready to provide examples of various football club medium and long term business plan models and advice, for us (TUST) to consider, when we have more clarity as to how the future scenario might unfold at TUFC.


Expense proposals - All in favour

MG stated that when making a transaction on the business account debit card, this should be authorised by another board member. All in favour. AB and RC to be authorisers.

Doug Gillard from Exeter City Supporters Trust has been invited to the Kenny Samson Evening at TUFC. MG has asked if TUST can pay the £35 for his seat. In the spirit of unity with other supporters trusts, all in favour of this proposal.

SD membership form signed for re-subscription. Renewal cost is £100, with additional work at a voluntary cost of £86.03. All in agreement to pay for the extra work SD has done for TUST this year. MG proposed. AB seconded. All in favour.

MT and RC to go to SD Members Day on May 20th. Expenses needed for accommodation and travel, MG proposed. CF seconded.

Next Board Meeting Date


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