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MARCH 2023

Dear Member

I last wrote to you in December to not only introduce myself but also, more importantly, to let you know about our preparations ‘for all eventualities’. As the only independent supporters’ group representing not only yourself but other Torquay United supporters, we are just as concerned about the current situation the club finds itself in, as I am sure you are.

Let me now expand on this a little more. For some time the main TUST board has authorised a small sub-committee, as the Strategy Group, to consider various scenarios should the current owner decide on a different course of action.

We have contingency plans in place should the club go into administration, liquidation or need to be relaunched as a phoenix club. These are supported by a considerable special fund to get the plans off the ground if needed.

In addition, over the past few months, we have held meetings with trust representatives of Hereford FC, Scarborough Athletic and Southend United gaining insight into their particular experiences; we also have a close relationship with the Exeter City Supporters Trust learning from their takeover of their club. We have, too, regular conversations with the Football Supporters’ Association which has a wealth of experience in advising clubs facing such issues.

Back in December I mentioned the hope that we could be renewing a meaningful dialogue with the club’s directors.

Regular meetings between TUST officials and the club’s Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) broke down in September 2021 since when there has been no relationship.

However, over the last twelve months I have held meetings with the directors trying to re-establish contact as this is an important part of our remit.

I am pleased to report that at a recent meeting between myself, Mel Hayman and George Edwards, we agreed to re-start meetings with the club’s SLO, the first of which takes place next week.

Whilst we cannot influence the playing side of the football club, Rick Williams, our Secretary, and myself will discuss a number of various topics: amongst them the implications of the Government’s Fan-Led White Paper, communications between the club and the fan base including ticketing and lack of information to supporters.

We will, in time, endeavour to communicate any feedback, as appropriate, to you.

Your membership is important to us and we thank you for your continued support. We are also pleased to represent as many Torquay United fans who wish us to do so and to this end I invite you to contact me on either or should you have anything you would like to raise or on match days you can find me standing by the corner flag by the Family Stand, opposite the food kiosk, for an hour before every home game. Please come up and have a chat, we value your opinions.

Yours sincerely

Nick Brodrick




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