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From numerous messages and posts on social media TUST is fully aware of the depth of feeling that the club statement, issued late on Wednesday, has generated.

The statement has sparked considerable local media interest with ITV, BBC - TV and radio - and the Torbay press picking up the story.

In the interests of accuracy and for confirmation at no point did Nick Brodrick, as chairman of TUST, incite or express a desire for any unlawful acts. That the club chose to name Nick as if the ‘ringleader’ was not only potentially defamatory but also inaccurate.

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the lack of openness and little or no communication between those running the club and the fanbase.

The groundswell of opinion of the meeting was to hold a protest but by doing so not to financially affect the club or players on the pitch. It was decided, by a vote, to hold a peaceful, law abiding sit-in at the end of the home National South fixture with Tonbridge Angels on Saturday December 2 2023.

It should be made clear that whilst the forum was run by TUST, those present/on Zoom, were not all TUST members as it was an open forum. We would, though, like to thank all those fans who have joined as members in the last 48 hours.

TUST would also like to thank the 150 who attended either in person and online and we apologise to those who were ‘locked out’. For the next forum we intend to upgrade to a Business Zoom which will allow 300 to participate online.

We would also like to thank other clubs’ supporters trusts for their goodwill posts showing the solidarity of the football community.

As was said at the meeting, the forum, which should have been set up by the club, is the start of a journey to ensure the future long term sustainability of Torquay United Football Club.





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