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Information for Our visit to Bath City FC *UPDATED

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Our Vice Chairman has been in contact with the supporter liaison officer at Bath City to get some information about our trip on the 19th January.

Segregation will be in place. TUFC fans will be at the Bristol End terrace and in the adjoining Family Stand, which has 200 seats. The away end will have a Catering outlet open and extra stewards on hand.

1450 tickets are being made available for Torquay supporters. Most are being sold by TUFC but some have been held back to be sold to exiles who have contacted the club. There won't be any more available after these are sold.

Bath City Currently have approximately 200 unsold tickets left for Gulls fans, once they have sold what they have left there will be no more available. Bath City will make an announcement if tickets remain unsold.


Tickets are now sold out

Bath City are considering whether to open their bars at the Club to our supporters, We have made representation for them to do so. We have enquired into any likely restrictions as regards our supporters getting into local pubs and which are the most 'away fan friendly'.


Bath City will be opening their Bar before and after the match, it will however be closed at half time.

We asked about the local pubs and have been advised that they are very small. Those coming by train who don't want to drink at the club would be advised to select from the large number in the city centre. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to Thank the Staff at Bath City FC for being so helpful with our requests to get some information for you all. Communication with fans is key in every Football Club to ensure supporters are looked after and valued, and we thank them for that.

All the best


* represents updated information

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