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June Newsletter

The World Cup is upon us, lets hope it's inspirational, exciting, and trouble free. Although the Gulls' season is well and truly over, the TUST teams have still been busy with a number of projects.

After the meeting with the Torbay Conservative councillors' group towards the end of May, we had a board meeting later in the same week. You can find the minutes on our website.

We look forward to our next joint meeting with TUFC on 27th June when we are expecting Clarke Osborne to join us again.

Since then, we have been moving forward  on a number of fronts. The following initiatives are in 'the pipeline' and we will give you more news as these develop:-


We have received a number of enquiries and applications for the role of co-ordinator for this project. Now that the new TU Community Sports Trust officer is in place, we hope to be in a position to interview soon. The steering group will consist of TUST, TUFC, TUCST and possibly TU Official Supporters’ Club representatives. Combined with outreach to fringe supporters, it is also planned to establish a Fanszone at Plainmoor.


Our TUST marketing team have completed a draft copy, which is currently being prepared by a graphic designer in a format ready for printing and for online use. This document is aimed at not only the community as a whole, but particularly at local businesses and organisations. It will also include an explanation of the role of TUST in helping to ensure our club's long term substainability and good governance.


The sites are fully up and running and we have recently developed our own website, to avoid continuing the expense of outsourcing. The main TU social media sites are also well linked in to any news we send out.

2000-2001 LEGENDS' EVENT

We are planning a Torquay United Legends Evening for the early season, to celebrate the team of 2000-2001. (A Great Escape season!) More details to follow, but it is planned to be held in the No10 Restaurant at Plainmoor. We are currently working out a suitable date with TUFC, whilst the squad from this time are currently being contacted. It will be fun!


We would like to invite all TUST members and any interested supporters to join us in Boots and Laces for an informal meet up on June 28th, from 6:30pm., and to watch the  World Cup game afterwards. The TUST chairman and vice chair, and available board members, will be there to talk to you and answer any questions you may like to ask of us.

Michel, your chairman, has a vested interest in this fixture, as he is half English, half Belgian! If it goes to the wire, he says he will support England...


It is planned to hold this year's TUST AGM at the beginning of the season, instead of midway through. We are in a position now where we hope to be able to finalise our accounts for the end of our financial year , June 30th, quite quickly.

The aim is to hold the AGM in September, when the season is fresh in the mind, the weather is less inclement and the Christmas season has not quite fallen upon us! It will allow you to hear more directly about what has been happening, to ask questions, make suggestions and to direct us in our future remit.

Meanwhile, rest assured we are continuing to broaden our contacts and to remain alert to any significant developments on all fronts,whilst at the same time developing supporter/club engagement and positivity . We are also endeavouring to answer, as quickly as possible, any enquiries or suggestions we receive in our email dropbox ( and on our facebook page etc.

Have a great summer and hope to see you at Boots for the 'big game!'

Michel Thomas

pp. TUST board

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