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Over the last few days the TUST board, all volunteers giving hours of their time, have started to implement a number of courses of action in an attempt to further our aim of ensuring the long term sustainability of professional football in Torbay.

We would like to place on record our thanks for the huge amount of support that has been offered from Torquay supporters and from across the wider footballing community. As you would expect, there are a number of different avenues TUST are exploring at the moment and we are busy working behind the scenes to agree a plan of action which will depend largely on how matters at the club progress over the days ahead. As you may be aware, the club is not yet formally in administration and to that end your TUST board are to seek a further meeting with solicitors appointed by the proposed administrators to get some further clarity on the current position.

A fans forum was hastily arranged yesterday for this Thursday evening (29th February). However, on reflection it has been decided to defer such a meeting until such time as we have greater clarity on the club's position and our subsequent proposals. It is important we are able to provide clarity to attendees over our objectives and equally we need to ensure we have people with the appropriate knowledge on hand to answer questions that will no doubt arise. With the situation changing on a day by day basis, it was felt a meeting at short notice this week may not fulfil these objectives and we are naturally keen to ensure that the benefits of any attendance is maximised for all concerned.

We hope to reschedule the Forum shortly and will update you further on this in due course.




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