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TUST news update

TUST statement

29th September 2022

The TUST board share the concerns expressed by many supporters regarding the recent developments at Swindon Speedway and welcomes the Herald Express’ approach to TUFC directors for clarification of their intentions for our Club.


TUST’s principle objective is the long-term sustainability of our football club and to this end we have developed contingency plans for a number of scenarios.  Our aim is to be as prepared as possible for any situation and we are ready to put an appropriate plan into action immediately if required.  The plans are subject to constant review and updated accordingly.


We hold a contingency fund to help deliver such plansbut it must be made clear that we fully understand that TUST would not have sufficient funds to buy the club and this is not one of the scenarios under consideration.


We do believe that in the event of a crisis situationarising there would be a huge level of interest and support from the silent majority of supporters including many of those with a public profile.  To this end we maintain a list of contact details for such sympathisers.


Contrary to the views expressed by certain fans, TUST is not a militant organisation and does not seek ownership of the Club.  We aim to support it whilst representing the views of our members (nearly 400) anddoing everything we can to ensure its future.


We want long term sustainability and good governance for our football club so that we and our successors can enjoy supporting it for generations to come. It is that simple.


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