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TUST Open letter to Clarke Osborne


Dear Mr Osborne


This is an Open Letter on behalf of the TUST board


Speaking before the last game of last season, against Wrexham, you said this, “For us, next season in whatever league it is business as usual, a full-time professional, well supported club planning and striving for promotion. Together, let’s look towards next season with excitement and anticipation. I certainly am.”


As you don’t attend matches and very rarely speak, it’s hard to believe your emotive words suggesting you have a passion for football and Torquay United in particular.


When you took over the club you made a number of promises and outlined plans for the future, which at the time made good sound bites. But here we are six years later and we are still waiting.


We are now further away from a Football League return finding ourselves in part-time regional football for the second time under your stewardship. Where is the Five Year Plan? In 2017 you talked about, “…an ongoing process of consultations/meetings [with fans] as the Five Year plan is finalised and launched.”


Where is the local board of directors? Where is the academy you said was so vital?


In an interview shown on the club’s official TV on 3rd March 2017 amongst other things you told of your ambitions for Torquay: building sustainable success, climbing the leagues, an academy as a centre of sporting excellence on a new site and a new stadium.


As we are all aware none of these have come to fruition. So just what are your plans?

 Your company, Gaming International, has overseen Bristol Rovers losing their Eastville ground, having to ground share at Bath for a decade while Bristol and Poole greyhounds, Reading and Swindon speedway have all closed. Not a very impressive track record you must admit.


On 29th March 2017 you issued a ‘Club Update’ and under the heading ‘Fans’ Forum’ you said, “It remains our firm intention to engage with fans in a variety of ways.” Your idea of fans having their chance to question you and club officials was actually asking supporters to send in their questions.


So, the perceived mismanagement of the club, with growing unrest amongst the fan base, along with the club’s refusal to hold one, has resulted in TUST organising a Fans’ Forum, to which we invite you to join us at the Livermead Cliff Hotel, Torquay on Wednesday 8th November at 7.00pm.


Yours sincerely,


Nick Brodrick


On behalf of the TUST board





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