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TUST Update - 23rd February

TUST Update

All Torquay United supporters are fully aware of the events of the last 24 hours and as a result the TUST board has been very active.

Whilst some of the discussions held are confidential we can share with you some details about what we have been doing.

Chair Nick Brodrick met with the administrators and solicitors on Thursday afternoon and was informed about the roles both will play, the sole objective being to find a buyer for the club.

Members of the TUST board have met with the FSA (Football Supporters’ Association) for advice as they have dealt with many situations like this over the years.

The TUST board has held two emergency board meetings to discuss tactics and ways forward and earlier this evening we posted our Crowdfunding statement. And already we want to thank those who have been contributing all evening. At the time of writing over £2,000 is current total.

We obviously called off the planned Yellow Card protest and have been vigorously urging as many fans as possible to attend the match against Aveley tomorrow. We have noted that tickets have been bought in large numbers and it would seem tomorrow’s attendance will show how important it is to have a professional football team in Torbay.

We have more meetings planned next week and we will continue to update you as and when we can.





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