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We invite absolutely everybody with yellow in their blood to join TUST. The minimum contribution is just £2 per month or £24 per year, though a number of additional options are in place to increase that if it is within your means.


Annually elected, the TUST board are a dedicated team of supporters who work tirelessly on bespoke areas of the organisation to ensure the well-being of the club. In addition to this, a passionate number of volunteers  help in areas of their own expertise.


Transparency is imperative to TUST. We publish minutes from every meeting and aim to keep you as informed as possible with news from the trust, the club and the wider supporter trust community. Explore the archives below.



The Torquay United supporters Trust is one of 170 Supporters' Trusts that exist within the English football pyramid. We are committed to playing a responsible part in the operation of our football club, ensuring a sustainable future in the heart of the south Devon community - and beyond.   

Initially gaining momentum during Chris Roberts' ill-fated ownership of the club in 2006, TUST has been operating independently for over a decade - orchestrating a number of momentous victories on behalf of our membership and ultimately safeguarding the future of Torquay United.  


The TUST is entirely democratic, we operate on a "one member, one vote" basis and invite everyone to join and help secure a prosperous future for Torquay United, together.


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