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Fans' Forum Playback

Fans' Forum - November 2023

Here are links to audio recordings of the Fans’ Forum organised by TUST on

Wednesday 8th November 2023 in three parts.

This was our first attempt at a hybrid in-person and virtual meeting and it was not

without its problems. Unfortunately we could not get the sound from Zoom to link to

the amplifier in the room so those present were unable to hear questions from the

virtual attendees or a contribution from Richard Irving of the Football Supporters’


The first few minutes of both halves were not recorded as the microphone was on

mute. The question being answered at the start of part 2 was ‘at what level might a

phoenix club re-enter the league’.

We were also taken by surprise by the number of supporters attending via Zoom and

we reached the maximum capacity of 100. We will be looking to increase this for

future meetings. It also made it difficult to monitor and keep on top of the large

number of questions from the chat facility on Zoom. Whilst we tried to address the

key points, some may have gone unanswered. We are reviewing the transcript of

these and where necessary we will provide a written response in a further statement.

Despite these issues, TUST consider the event a huge success in raising the issues

that fans are concerned about, particularly the lack of communication from the club’s

owner. We would like to thank the many people who have provided messages of

support for the event and its outcomes including the local press and the trusts of

other teams.

United we stand!

Fans Forum Part 1
00:00 / 40:41
Fans Forum Part 2
00:00 / 16:21
Fans Forum Part 3
00:00 / 50:09
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