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Are YOU happy with the way YOUR football club is being run?

Are YOU happy with the way YOUR football club is being run?

So many aspects of the running of our wonderful football club are causing concern among the fan base.  It is worrying to hear of so many long-standing supporters staying away from games because they are so disillusioned and others threatening not to buy a season ticket next year unless things improve.

Rising levels of dissatisfaction are evident from declining attendances, recent matchday protests and the number of critical views posted across social media.  Yet those in charge of the club from owner to CEO to manager give the impression that everything is fine and we should all be positive or not express our views.

Well things are not ‘fine’ and now is the time for concerned supporters who have the future of the club at heart to unite and make our voices heard.

TUST is working with other interested groups to bring supporters together to press for change.  Further details will be released very soon.




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