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August Bulletin

Dear Members and Supporters,

We would like to just confirm with you that we had a meeting with George Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of TUFC, on Thursday when much was discussed.

A number of outcomes arose from this meeting which we will openly share with you in our August Newsletter as soon as possible. However, we believe that, as your board, we should firstly digest these facts together so that we can also give you our own properly contemplated responses to these.

Furthermore, we have also met with our new council leaders and groups this week, which we will, of course, also inform you about.

Finally, we plan to fix an October date for our AGM shortly when we will invite our membership to share their views and give us their direction on the ways forward. Meanwhile, any personal correspondence is always welcomed at and we endeavour to answer any email as soon as is possible.

Many thanks for your anticipated understanding and patience.


Michel Thomas on behalf of the TUST board


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