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Chairman's comments Dear members, and fellow TUFC supporters, This year has been a difficult and challenging year for everyone in many different personal ways. The football community has also suffered, being deprived of the regular opportunity to meet up with others to share watching and playing the game we all love and enjoy. Furthermore, our football clubs and those that rely on their living within them have struggled with many financial uncertainties, particularly those at the lower levels of the pyramid and at non-league level. We were one of many Trusts and supporters groups who backed the FSA in asking our MPs and the government to step in with aid for those lower level clubs at most at risk. It has been a relief to see that our club and the team have come through this crisis so well and have been able to uplift us with their outstanding start to this delayed season. I should also mention that the directors and staff , with the personal experience and feedback I have had, have excelled in organising and endeavouring to provide our supporters with the best possible 'Covid safe' Plainmoor for us to return to. I would like to wish you all, everyone attached to our club and the wider football community, a very safe and joyful Christmas. Let 2021 be a better, safer year for our world, whilst the Gulls manager and team bring us an ongoing and successful push to promotion. Michel Thomas Chair on behalf of TUST

Summary of December board meeting

Torquay United Official Supporters Club

We welcomed Andrew Candy, interim Chair of the Torquay United Official Supporters Club, for an informal discussion about the formation of the new group and how the roles of the two organisations may complement each other. It was a positive exchange of views and we look forward to working in partnership for the good of the club and its supporters.

Informal Zoom meetings

A proposal made at the AGM to hold future informal Zoom meetings for members was discussed and it was agreed to set the first one up in February or March and perhaps hold these quarterly if successful.

Returning supporters

The management of the safe return of fans to Plainmoor has been widely praised. It was proposed that TUST should recognise this by offering to nominate the Club as a Torbay Council Community Champion.

Torquay United Community Sports Trust (TUCST)

The chairman had met informally with the new TUCST manager, Matt Anthony, who is keen to build on the partnership with TUST established by his predecessor. We are also in discussion with TUCST to identify appropriate ways to spend the balance of cash held by them from the Premier League Fans Fund allocation.

Clarke Osborne

As previously reported, TUST Supporter Liaison Officer and Herald Express columnist, Nick Brodrick, had requested an interview with Clarke Osborne to reflect on the 4thanniversary of his ownership. He has now been advised that Mr Osborne will not be giving any interviews.

And finally…..

We wish our table-topping team every success over the Festive Season and hope that they can bring some much-needed cheer to this strangest of Christmases by collecting a maximum nine points!


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