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FANS' ZONE 25/09/2021


Two teams desperate for a change in fortune after mid-week defeats, both managers describing their squads as not good enough, not pulling their punches, Gary Johnson’s Gulls came out on top in the ‘Seaside Special’ with a ‘Gary time’ 90th minute winner.

Whilst it’s still early days it was the Southend supporters who left Plainmoor browned off with their manager and players. Defeat wasn’t the last resort for either side but Lemonheigh-Evans’ winner was a welcome three points to enable a very vocal Yellow Army an enjoyable weekend.

Although rumoured signings didn’t materialise there was one surprise with the return of Shaun MacDonald adding his knowledge of United’s DNA to the defence as Johnson valued his experience and communication skills.

Now whether this is a turning point will be tested at league leaders Chesterfield on Saturday in front of the BT Sport cameras for an evening kick-off. *******************************************************************

Many managers claim they don’t look at league tables until at least ten matches have been played but a number must be concerned about their start no more than big spenders Stockport County. And already two have gone, Danny Searle from Aldershot replaced by Mark Molesley and Barnet’s Harry Kewell.

Also of interest are attendances from Saturday: Wrexham pulled in 8,033, Grimsby 6,051 and Notts County 5,748 underlining the National League moving closer to being League 3. Good to see these better than many League 1 and 2 crowds. *************************************************************************************

Talking of watching football Sunday’s Non-League Paper ran a debate ‘Is a broadcast blackout vital or outdated?’ and it featured an article for promoting the return of live streaming I wrote as TUST’s supporter liaison officer.

To make it clear TUST has been campaigning for streaming to be made available outside UEFA’s ‘blocked hours’ restrictions but the National League and BT Sport are reluctant to engage. Last week United owner and chairman, Clarke Osborne, added his voice to the debate.

This is the full article from the Non-League Paper:

During last season when fans were not allowed inside football stadiums, National League clubs, along with other leagues, began offering live streaming of home matches, thus providing supporters with the opportunity to watch their team from the comfort of their own home, while also generating some much-needed revenue.

As the season progressed, clubs upgraded their early broadcasts to almost professional standards and at Torquay United, the streaming developed into a three hour sports programme with improved camera angles, action replays, player and manager interviews and further income from sponsors and advertising.

Fast forward to this season with UEFA’s reinstated Article 48 restricting clubs from streaming matches on Saturdays between 2.45pm and 5.15pm. But, as the FA have confirmed, matches outside these restrictions can be shown live and are being shown by EFL teams.

Last week United owner and chairman Clarke Osborne added his voice to the debate, “National League Premier clubs should be able to stream, under set conditions, any match which is not covered by a contracted broadcaster.

After last season, clubs have invested heavily in the technology and have experience and programming readily available. There is also the incentive of additional matchday revenue as fans at home, UK exiles, those living abroad and away fans too, join those in the stadium. It will actually lead to an increase in income and higher attendances.

The majority of fans would pay the normal ground entry for the streaming. As Osborne says,”Why not extend streaming for the next two years and review the consequences to provide accurate data for a longer term decision in 2023-2024?”

There’s a big market out there for live streaming so let’s see its return.’


Last weekend sadly saw the deaths of Jimmy Greaves and United’s Tony Scott. Those of us fortunate to have seen both play will remember them with affection and wonder of their skills.

Greaves was one of the most gifted goal scorers who is the highest scorer in top flight English football, 516 appearances between 1957 and 1972 with 357 goals; for England 44 goals in only 57 appearances, cruelly missing out on being part of the winning World Cup final team in 1966. And who didn’t watch ‘Saint and Greavsie’ Saturday lunchtime’s informative and funny football programme?

Tony Scott joined the Gulls from Aston Villa in 1967 playing 96 times, scoring four but with his tricky wing play and ability to cross he had countless assists before joining the exodus to Bournemouth in 1970. When Bill Kitchener followed him to Plainmoor not long after it brought the number of ex-West Ham players to seven - at the time called the Londoners’ ‘nursery club’.

Last week’s Three Word Fun about Emma Raducanu brought in ‘worth staying awake’, ‘what a tonic’ and ‘insprirational tennis triumph’. This week are you for or against the return of live streaming? Send your answer to: or to Twitter: @FanszoneT

To all the Yellow Army going to Chesterfield have a safe journey.





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