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Torbay Council Statement regarding Torquay United Association Football Club

At the recent Overview and Scrutiny meeting it was confirmed that Torbay Council will continue to support Torquay United to help them to progress their ambitious proposals for a new stadium complex, football academy and improved sports provision for young people.

Torbay Council want to work with any developer, organisation, investor or business that can help deliver growth in line with their strategic objectives. On this occasion its Torbay’s professional Football Club but the council will always want to support anyone who wishes to help regenerate the Bay, shape the place and improve outcomes and opportunities for local people.

Following the call-in of the decision by the Elected Mayor to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding between Torbay Council and Torquay United, it was agreed at the Overview and Scrutiny meeting that this decision would be rescinded.

Gordon Oliver, Elected Mayor for Torbay, said: “Before the call-in meeting I was minded to rescind my decision because earlier in the week I held a fruitful meeting with the group leaders and representatives from Torquay United, at which the Club was satisfied that the council already has sufficient arrangements in place to work with them and that a Memorandum of Understanding was not required.

“At that meeting, there was a general consensus, which was made clear to the Football Club that we want to work with all businesses and organisations that want to improve local facilities for our residents and we do not need a formal memorandum to do this.”

Cllr Robert Excell, Executive Lead for Community Services, including Sport, said: “As Independents working with our community, we welcome any investment that will improve Health and Wellbeing, and the concept of the sporting facility being proposed by Torquay United, will accommodate community sport for everyone.”

Clarke Osborne, Chairman of Torquay United, said: “I am very grateful to the Mayor for facilitating the meeting and for his continued and valued support for the Club. I am also grateful to the group leaders who gave their valuable time and explained their underlying support for the Club and their encouragement for investment that can help deliver growth in line with the council’s strategic objectives. We were very happy to see that the council remain committed to supporting us in our ambition to grow Torquay United and to develop our academy and training facilities.

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