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TUST Charity of the year 2019/20

In Torbay there are a number of fundraisers and charities that raise money and awareness for really worthy causes, giving time and effort for people who really need a helping hand. We will promote these great causes as much as possible on our social media outlets to recognise the wonderful work they do on behalf of our communities.

Causes like the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network who provide free fun-filled, memory making holidays to families who have seriously ill children, families who are recently bereaved – having lost a child or parent and to families who have a terminally ill parent. Their holidays and services are donated by big hearted accommodation, travel & tourism business owners. Click here for more information.

Or even individual fundraisers like James Lyon who is 46 and married with 3 children. He’s a football coach and TUFC fan who is raising £15,000 to fund his new prosthetic leg and articulating foot so that he can live a more active lifestyle with his family. Click here for the crowdfunding page.

At TUST we have taken the decision to promote one local charity every year by giving them a complimentary corporate membership. This will include all of the perks of our usual corporate memberships, including social media coverage and website promotion etc. One difference is that the charity will get a whole page advert in our TUST brochure that is distributed around local business breakfasts, as well as outreach events including the Fan Zone.

This year we are privileged and honoured to have Rowcroft Hospice as our Charity of the Year. We all know and have heard of Rowcroft Hospice due to the amazing and at times unbelievably difficult work that they do.

“Our team of doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, complementary therapists, bereavement counsellors and support staff work tirelessly for our 2,000 patients and their families every year.”

Rowcroft hold a special place in a lot of local peoples hearts as you may have known or know currently someone who is in receipt of their care. 70% of their funding comes from the community, so as you can see fundraising and awareness of their initiatives are crucial to them being able to provide the care they are famous for.

“Last year it cost £7.8 million to run our services and meet the needs of people living with life-limiting illnesses, and their families."

"More than 70% of our funding comes from the incredible generosity of our community, without whom we simply would not be able to fund our services.”

We are very happy to be able to help Rowcroft in any way possible, Whether it’s sharing posts on social media or donating proceeds of an event to them for the coming year, it is our absolute privilege to support them and we hope you will join us with your support too. Click here to view the Rowcroft Website.

Thanks for your time.


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