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TUST Update - 25th February

TUST Update - 25th February


In an incredibly busy period since Clarke Osborne’s announcement on Thursday, TUST has received more than 220 new applications.  Our team of volunteers have been processing these as fast as they can and have now dealt with most of them.  Apologies to any new member for any delay in acknowledging your application.  Let us know if you have not heard anything within 48 hours of applying.  Welcome aboard!


Prospective owners

As the main group representing supporter interests, TUST is keen to liaise with any individual or group considering making an offer for the club.

We would also like to hear from anyone able to make a financial investment who is interested in being part of a possible consortium bid in partnership with TUST.

Contact us at in the first instance.


Financial Support / Crowdfunding

In line with previous communications, TUST launched its own crowdfunding page on Friday afternoon. It was made clear at the time that this launch was made as a way of providing a central point for donations to TUST pending any formal arrangements being made to consider the long term future of the club. It is not a formal drive to raise a capital fund to enable ownership of the existing club or formation of a phoenix club. Funds donated at this point are therefore being held, pending decisions over how best to use them in the near term. This capital is of course in addition to the funds already held in the TUST Forever Yellow fund.

To be absolutely clear, the funds held are separate to those being raised by the club to support operational running costs. For fans wishing to donate to this cause, please visit the Torquay United website where the opportunity to donate is available

TUST has been asked to contribute to the fundraising exercise by the club and contrary to speculation, no formal decision on this has been made. However, we have an overriding duty to apply capital held by TUST in support of our objective of ensuring the long term sustainability of football in Torquay and to that end we must be responsible in terms of the decisions we make.

A further meeting is to be requested with the solicitors acting for the proposed administrators in an attempt to get a clearer understanding of the current position and any decisions made over how TUST capital is to be applied will be made following this and the formalisation of longer term plans.

So far over £4,000 has been raised through the crowdfunding site with donations from TUFC fans and a high number from across the footballing family including our friends at Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City and we sincerely thank you for this.

Further information on our plans will be forthcoming in due course.




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