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TUST Update - Administration


There has been some confusion about the club's position among supporters and even in the press and media.

The club is not currently in administration.

At this stage only a 'Notice of Intention (NOI)' to appoint an administrator has been lodged with the court on 22nd February.  This provides protection against creditor action for an initial period of 10 business days.  If desired and agreeable by the court, a further NOI could be applied for to extend the period by 10 days.

TUST will be issuing a statement based on our understanding and assessment of the position over the coming days but is seeking absolute clarification on certain points before doing so.  As you may appreciate, we can only release information that has been confirmed as accurate and does not breach any confidentiality agreed with the club and its proposed administrators and their legal representatives at our meeting this week.

For further information please refer to the club's Q&A section on the ir website.




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